A Decentralized Platform for Creating and Trading Synthetic Financial Products.

The Purpose of SA RA

This Is A Decentralized Finance Blockchain Platform Which Intends Primarily To Educate Those Demographics Into Creating, Investing In Cryptocurrency To Fix What Perpetuates Systemic Bias And Financial Exclusion By Providing An Opportunity To Create Wealth Without Traditional Systemic Institutions. These Digital Currencies, Despite Their Volatile Markets And Accessibility Perceived Usefulness, Will Be Ideal For Everyone Who Will Be Willing To Use This Platform To Avoid The Setbacks Of The Centralized Banking Systems. The System’s Overarching Aim Is To Build An Entire Industry, Where The Flocculation Of Funds Through The Same Virtual Wallet Provides For Job Development, Company Creation, And Rising Wages.

What is SA RA?

SA RA Is The Digital Token Backing SA RA Platform. Working On Proof Of Stake Mechanism With 1,000,000 Tokens Currently In Circulation, It Is One Of The Cryptocurrencies Virtual Unit That Is Granted To Fund The Cryptocurrency’s Establishment And Can Thereafter Be Used To Acquire A Product Or A Service From The Cryptocurrency’s Provider. These Tokens Will Be Available On Public Domain With The People Of Color In The United States Of American And Most People In The Developing Countries As The Main Target Audience. SA RA Tokens Are Based On The ERC-20 Standards So The Investors Can Have Fast And Transparent Transactions Which Will Be Digitized Across The Different Platforms Thus, Secure Throughout The World. Besides, SA RA Platform Will Ensure That Correct Essence Will Be Put In Place To Ensure That Maintenance Of Records Without Risk Of Data Being Pirated Is Guaranteed

Features of SA RA

Decentralized Ownership
SA RA Token Will Facilitate In Distribution Of Decentralized Ownership Of ERC-20 Token Across The Ethereum Blockchain Networks.

On Chain Governance
One Of The Ultimate Goals Of The SA RA Token Is To Make Sure That Token Holders Are Given Chances To Give Guidance On The Development Strategies. This Is To Ensure That Holders Are Involved In Making All The Decisions Which Are Needed To Move The Network Growing.

Market Efficiency
SA RA Token Will Ensure That The Market Is Running Smoothly By Improving On The Trading Conditions Via Giving Rewards To The Market Makers. With Time, This Platform Will Have Better Market Conditions Allowing Them To Expand Their Market Cap To Accommodate More Participant. Besides, SA RA Token Awarding Culture Will Make This Token Competitive In Token Listing.

ERC20 Compatibility

The ERC-20 Token Are Among The Greatest Important Ether Tokens. ERC-20 Tokens Are Digital Assets That Can Be Sent And Received On The Ethereum Blockchain. SA RA Token Therefore, Will Be Allowing Participants To Take Part In Any Transfer Within The Ethereum Blockchain.

Continuous distribution

SA RA Token Is Meant To Serve As Utility Token, There It Will Be Distributed Across Various Ethereum Blockchain, And It Will Have A Continuous Distribution Of User In The Liquidity As They Will Contribute In The Reward.

Super user Loyalty

The Loyalty Program At SA RA Token Platform Will Give All Participant’s Chances To Enjoy Discounted Transitions, Reduced Fees, And Valuable Benefits. This Will Reward Their Loyalty In The Long Run.

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