A Hybrid Defi Blockchain Platform

What is DAFI?

DAFI Enables Networks To Reward Users, Based On Their Adoption. Every Decentralized Network Can Soon Create Synthetic Dtokens Tied To The Adoption Of Their Protocol. DAFI Can Reward A Network Even When Demand Declines, By Issuing Synthetics That Will Reward User’s Later —** Instead Of Earlier**. Creating Longer-Term Users For Staking, Liquidity And Participation.

What is network inflation?

To Create Any Decentralized Economy, Issuing Out Tokens Is Required For Nodes, Staking And Liquidity. It Is The Very Foundation, Which Has Not Been Changed Since Satoshi. The Dafi Protocol Creates Flavours Of Network-Pegged Synthetics For Any Protocol Or Cryptocurrency.

DAFI Token Sale

The Dafiprotocol.Io Token Is Staked For Synthetic DDAFI, Each Pegged To The Demand Of The Protocol. Decentralized Economies Creating Synthetics On Dafi, Transact A DAFI Fee Which Is Returned To The Staking Reserve.

The flawed model

Dafiprotocol.Io Only Way To Reward A Network Is To Release Large Volumes Of Native-Tokens Directly. Nobody Likes This, It Devalues An Economy. Until Dafi, Decentralized Economies Were Forced To Create Hyperinflation & An Excess Supply. There Is No Trustless Way For Users To Be Rewarded Less When Network Demand Is Low, But Rewarded Later – Protecting Longer-Term Users.

Networks with synthetic tokens

Dtokens (Or DFY) Are Network-Pegged Flavours Of Existing Tokens. Any Project Can Lock Their Tokens To Mint Dtokens Using Dafi, And Issue Them Out In A Reduced Quantity. They Are Not Tradeable – They Are Minted To Later Be Burned For The Native-Token. Flavours Of These Synthetic Assets Use Price & Volume Oracles To Algorithmically Change In Quantity Relative To Demand.

How will Dafi be adopted?

Bounty – Dafiprotocol.Io Method That Once Worked To Attract New Users, Now Every Protocol Can Issue Synthetics That Increase In Quantity Only For Longer-

Liquidity – Enabling Any Defi Application To Reward Liquidity Using Dafi’s Synthetics In A Reduced Quantity, Further Promoting Scarcity.

Staking – Dafiprotocol.Io Issuing Network Pegged Synthetics To Nodes Can Maintain A Network Even In Low-Demand Phases, Without A Large Volume Of

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