A Decentralized Platform for Creating and Trading Synthetic Financial Products.

What is beyondfinance

Beyond Is A Decentralized Platform For Creating And Trading Synthetic Financial Products Designed To Suit The Needs Of The Synthetic Creator. These Synthetic Products Can Be Made To Track Prices Of Underlying Assets, Such As Currencies, Commodities, Stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds And More. Each Synthetic Product Can Be Made To Represent $1 Or More Complex Products, Such As Leveraged/Inverse Etfs.

How Beyond Synthetics work

Beyond Synthetic Products Track The Underlying Asset Price Of The Asset. Each Synthetic Product Is Backed By Beyond (BYN) Tokens And A Shared Pool Of Collateralized BYN Tokens Are Used To Back The Synthetic Products With A Collateralization Ratio Of 300%.

Orderly Liquidation Mechanism (OLM)

Technically, Each Synthetic Issued On Beyond Represents A Claim On The Underlying Collateral Used To Create The Synthetic. Under Normal Circumstances, The Claim Can Only Be Made By The Same User That Created The Debt. However, There Remains The Possibility That The Collateral Used To Create The Synthetic May Fall Below The Value Of The Synthetic, Resulting In A Less Than 100% Collateralization Ratio.

The liquidation mechanism has these features built in:

Liquidation Insurance Fund: In The Event That A Liquidation Occurs, Excess Proceeds Of The Liquidated Collateral Will Be Added Into The Liquidation Insurance Fund Which Will Be Used In The Event Of The Unlikely Scenario Where The Collateral Is Insufficient To Liquidate The Debt. This Also Provide Users With The Incentive To Do A Safe Payment Of Their Debts Or To Add More Collateral To Their Positions Resulting In A Healthier Ecosystem.

Synthetic pegging

Maintaining And Tracking The Underlying Asset Prices Accurate Is Of Utmost Importance For Beyond. Hence, The Price Of Each Synthetic Is Maintained

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