Are NFTs the future of E-commerce?

Non-fungible tokens are the talk of today in the crypto culture. Most people are interested in this new phenomenon. An NFTs gives its holder a digital certification as proof of the authenticity of that digital asset; it provides the buyer with an ownership right to the product purchased. 

The sale and purchase of real-life products are primarily dealt with in the E-commerce sector. To boost their profits and earnings most of these companies are interested in introducing NFT in E-commerce 

What is an NFT?

NFT (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets built on a blockchain. These tokens are unique and non-identical and carry a different value, thus removing any possibility of duplication and alteration of data. Any physical asset that can be digitized is referred to as an NFT, for example, digital artwork, music files, trading cards, image files, etc.

 Initially, it was tough for people to use them. But over time, their popularity rose with the introduction of more user-friendly functions. They have become the means of attraction for the masses. Many businesses and famous brands have started to add NFTs on the e-commerce platform.

Future of NFTs 

The E-Commerce sector has always served as a hub for carrying out transactions worldwide. With the advent of NFTs, many have started to fear that the e-commerce sector would ultimately lose its dominance. But this is not the case. Combining NFTs in E-Commerce can take this platform to a whole new level, increasing profits dramatically.

Until now, E-commerce has proved to be a very efficient medium of transaction, and it is far better than the traditional methods of buying and selling. It ends the concept of traveling distance and waiting hours to buy your favorite product.

However, what E-commerce does not fulfill is the instant satisfaction that a customer receives upon purchasing a product in person, where you have a physical connection with your product. You have to wait for the product to be delivered in e-commerce. 

Here is where NFTs come in. Non-fungible tokens started tokenizing physical assets as virtual products; this creates a multitude of opportunities. Many of the businesses have started applying NFTs into E-commerce by hiring NFT development companies.

They create a virtual representation of the product ordered like an NFT. The customer receives an NFT of the ordered product instantly once an online purchase is made. This gives them the satisfaction which was previously lacking in E-commerce. 

Nike has already introduced the use of NFTs in its online purchases. When an order is placed the buyer gets a virtual representation of the shoes. Nike calls its shoe type NFT Cryptokicks. This also allows the buyers to make alterations in their order, proving to dramatically raise the demand for shoes.

Advantages of NFTs

·   Tradability

NFTs are easily tradable at any platform without any problem because of their distinct value.

·   Ownership

NFTs are built on a blockchain, so whenever a purchase occurs, it provides authentication for the buyer by tracing back to the previous ownership.

·   Trustworthy

Non-fungible tokens exist in a decentralized ecosystem. This eliminates any intervention from central authorities and third parties.

NFT Creation at Blackhole USA

Blackhole USA has massive experience in the field of developing non-fungible tokens as we have delivered many projects in the past. Blackhole USA has a team of excellent trained professionals working tirelessly to develop creative solutions to your digital problems. Our developers create customized tokens according to our client specifications. 

Once an NFT is created our post-deployment staff monitors the smooth running of the delivered project, guiding our clients all the way through. Blackhole USA aims at perfection and 100% customer satisfaction. If you want an excellent NFT development service, we are just a click away!

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